Monday, November 23, 2015
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You asked and I did it. I  made examples of my alll time favoritte palettes for beatifull photographs. Mostly for New England outdoors all year long!

Enjoy! These are also   great for  a day in the city , or a family reunion. After all... its always a good reason to dress up:)


Tuesday, October 06, 2015
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I've known Rhiannon for over a year now, She is beautiful both inside and out. I met  her for the first time when I photographed her parent's special 25th anniversary at The 1820 house in simsbury - CT.

Rhianon is now a senior at Ethel Walker. Her love for horses and connection with them is something to admire. She is going to college next year for equestrian studies and I cant help but feel so proud of her journey.  She has intelligence, a compassionate heart and a delightful atittude towards life. Photographing Rhiannon with her best friend Ava at the school grounds was absolutely magical. I feel honored to capture these memories at such an exciting turning point in her life.



Monday, September 21, 2015
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When I first met Taryn at 11am,  she already had a wonderful smile on her her face.  Her friends seemed so comfortable around her and her parents, Kathy and Robert - who were a  true delight.  She told me the story of how she meet John, and I could tell by her expression that this couple would be something different, something truly special. They had their ceremony at the Saint Patrick - Saint Anthony Church   in Hartford , an absolutely glorious setting.  The cocktail hour and the following party at  The Bond Ball Room  in Hartford, on the 11 th floor, had a stunning view of the Capital building, illuminated by the city.   It was a romantic and absolutely fun night - and love was in the air!  Congratulations Taryn and John!!



Thursday, August 27, 2015
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It is a moment that comes along once in a lifetime. Each child only starts college once. …Such moments are rare. They have power. They give us as parents one-time opportunities to say and do things to our children that will stick with them . it is a perfect time to create memories that will stay forever.It always brings tears to my eyes imagining this moment will  come to me soon enough.


Here is the link for our most recent senior shoot video :



Monday, August 10, 2015
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I live for the moment when a photograph captures the natural expressions of subjects in their most pristine form...

This does not mean that I always want to capture people as they are, like a photojournalist might.  Instead, I want to capture people at their best.   I want my brides to look as beautiful as possible. If something needs to be fixed, like an awkward position or an unpleasant expression, I will fix it.  

 The elusive nature of these fleeting moments make them difficult to capture.  But the goal is to take images that tell stories.   

Making life sweet with the things that are here today, and gone tomorrow, can bring tears to my own eyes.   Dads dancing with their little girls, friends sharing their joy , and generations coming together, are just a few examples of life's treasures worth patiently waiting for.

Weddings have far more richness than I imagined!